Wednesday, 30 April 2008


I had high hopes for Downshifting Week. I thought it would inspire me to achieve all manner of things. As it is I don't feel I have achieved lots, but I have certainly enjoyed more time away from the computer and have started, (but by and large not completed) a few new projects. Here is some of what I got up to.

One evening I got together with friends to make some cloth sanitary pads. I have used cloth pads for seven years now but had never made my own till now. The pads we made are basically made up of four parts. First an oblong shape of half a dozen layers of brushed cotton sewn together. Secondly two outer brushed cotton 'covers' and lastly a layer of nappy wrap type fabric.

We sewed the padded inner to one of the outer cotton covers, placed that over the other cover with nappy wrap on top and sewed round the whole thing. Add a couple of press studs to the 'wings' and there you have it *most pleased with self smile*.

I paid £5.50 for the nappy wrap material, 60p for the press studs and the brushed cotton was an old sheet which was no longer really fit for it's purpose as a sheet. I'm hoping to get ten pads from that and I see no reason why they won't last for years just as my store bought ones have. What a bargain! Invest a few pounds and a little bit of time and save yourself and the planet a fortune!

Sticking with the 'moontime' theme I started to think about other ways in which I could use what I have readily available to me thereby reducing my all round expenditure. I'm not too sure about this. I can vouch for the fact that house plants thrive on this kind of fertiliser - but as for using it on edible stuff, well, the jury's still out on that one....

I have added another dish to my rather limited 'make it from scratch repertoire'. Dumplings. Real (veggie) suet ones at that! Craig likes them, which is surprising as he's not generally a big fan of my cooking. I only hope he continues to like them as I'm so pleased that I've ordered a case of veggie suet in the wholefoods order.

The patchwork wardrobe curtain/door is still a work in progress - hampered very often by my keen assistant. I do like it though and I'm really looking forward to seeing it up. I've made some flags to match to hang around his room too. When the door first broke I immediately thought about buying a new one but I'm much happier with our decision to keep it and make a patchwork curtain with scraps of fabric from friends. Craig made the wardrobe by hand when I was pregnant with Hermione. He beavered away for hours on end out in the garage, trying to escape my raging pregnancy hormones (of the argumentative not passionate variety) no doubt. It would be a shame to throw it away as it holds many memories.

Not much more to report on the downshifting front. As I said it encouraged me to think lots - but those thoughts haven't all transpired into actions yet *grin*.


Lynn said...

I do love your blog:-))
You inspire me to do better,I am going to buy some pads initialy and also intend to make a pretty little cloth bag with a few in for the moment when Emily first needs them.Interesting link and I will probably give it a go on the houseplants.
LOL at Craig not liking your cooking as I immediately thought of my hubby's face when I present some of the meat free dishes I make,we are not veggie or anything but I am always keen to reduce the amount of meat we eat and increase veggie intake,he is getting used to and even liking some of the dishes now.xx

Claire said...

Thanks Lynn :-)