Wednesday, 2 April 2008


...pass me the suncream will you?

It may just be April but I've caught the sun at our home ed gathering in the park today. Time to get on and order the suncreams I think. Every year I say I will be as diligent about putting it on myself as I am about putting it on the children - but I never am - hence the reason I'll soon resemble this lady.

We had a great time today, playing, chatting and chilling. The frogs were mating and the children were all very interested. There were children of various ages and understandings there. I'm not sure what Hermione heard but I think it could have been one of the frog conversations that prompted her to say tonight, 'I've decided I'm going to marry E when I grow up because he's handsome, quiet and will help me to give birth.'

Back home Hermione was keen to do some sums and reading which totally surprised me as I knew she was tired. I'm certainly not complaining though about the sudden bout of enthusiasm. When she's sitting down working I'm not having to worry about her dropping into a doorway as Miles passes. Straddling up doors is her new found practical skill this week - I say 'practical' but I'm not sure how practical it is in reality *grin*.

As well as all the stresses there are lots of great things going on around here right now too. At home ed group today I met a lovely lady who is on a mission to bring good food to people at reasonable prices. I already order organic wholefoods through a wholesaler but soon I may have access to more affordable raw super foods and organic fruit and vegetables too. I'm really excited about it and so thankful that there are people like this lady who are willing to do the leg work to enable this sort of thing to be possible.

Also, some local home educators have set up a charity for home educators in the region. It's in the very early stages, no grants have been awarded as yet, but nevertheless the potential is huge and I see no reason why it can't be a great success.


CJ said...

Ooh seeing Hermione climbing up the doorway has bought back many happy memories.

Anywhere that had close walls I would climb up. I used to scare mmother as I could get quite high ;-)

CJ x

Bridget said...

I'm not letting my children see Hermione in that doorway, we have enough problems with jumping on the beds!!

Wobblymoo said...

Hehe, spider girl :)

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

What a great expression of pure delight on her face. Sometimes I think I am far too strict with my kids, I would never have allowed them to do that and so have never seen that look of delight.


Claire said...

I do find it hard to decide what to let go and when to say 'no'. It's great to allow that sense of joy and achievement but then what of the guilt if she hurts herself? Yes, it's a hard call.