Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Bananas, waste and choices

Did you know that Britain throws away 1.6 million bananas every day? That's not all we are binning off in colossal quantities either. Read more about it here.

We waste food, I'm sure most people do. It only ever seems like a little bit, but I guess when you add it altogether it's far from being a small amount. I have to say I'm quite blown away by those figures in the article.

I've been thinking a lot about food waste this week. I think that when you strive to produce your own food you start to view it in a different light. It holds more meaning. It's not just a price tag in the shop, it's the end product of a process which has required time, effort and patience.

In the past I have often cooked four different evening meals for a family of five. It has been quite unheard of to cook only one meal. Offering and honouring food choices has been part of my parenting philosophy. It was important to me to give my children control over what they would like to eat.

I've re evaluated my views on that this week and we are piloting a new way. The emphasis has moved from autonomy to commonality and I hope that as a spin off there will be less food waste around here. From now on I will cook only one evening meal. I no longer see my role as providing everyone with a food choice - it's my role to provide everyone with nourishing food, which they may or may not choose to eat. If they choose not to eat the meal then there is always the fruit bowl or nut drawer.

I've no doubt there will be resistance - well, I should say there *has* been a little resistance already. However, in truly caring for and respecting my children I must respect the world they live in. One meal as opposed to four will to my mind be sure to create less waste. Individual autonomy has lost out to a greater purpose. That may be a pain in the butt for some but I think that overall it's the right way to go.

Getting back to the subject of bananas though, even before I read this article it has still always naffed me off that so many people believe a ripe banana is *bad*. Spotty bananas aren't bad - they're full of flavour and by far the best for making smoothies, ice cream and banana loaf.

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CJ said...

Hi Claire,

Quite agree on the banana topic, although over ripe bananas are too sweet for me, they make great banana loaf :-)

I've just hunted down your squash and molasses recipe.

I'm looking for gluten free bread recipes, so any links would be appreciated.

Going to be tested soon (read more on my blog) and I know i'll have to come off wheat, yeast, sugar and dairy for 3 months at least.

I've done it before, but not with a family to cater for as well! It was many years ago when I was more self

So hunting out new ideas, before I have to do it for real. Going to look up your raw food posts too.

Like the look of your hawthorn salad too.

CJ x