Friday, 2 May 2008

Whirlwind day

This morning we went to Saltwell Park to play and picnic. We love it there. I do miss living within walking distance of it.

This afternoon Hermione went to a drama workshop at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle with Nana. I took Miles back to the Discovery Museum as he has asked every day this week to go.

After dropping Hermione and Nana off close to the theatre Miles fell asleep in the car. I parked in the museum car park and looked at the old red brick building through the wiggly rain water on the windscreen.

There was a time when situations like that really irritated me. Stuck in one place with nothing to do. Now I love times like that and consider them to be a real blessing. Time to think. What's it all about? Why did I decide to educate my kids at home in the first place? What did I hope to achieve? What really matters to us?

You'll be pleased to hear that I'm not going to bore you with the answers to all of those questions, suffice to say I've concluded that I think we've wandered a little off the path I originally chose. We're not always dancing to the rhythm of our own drums. We've somehow got caught up in a whirlwind of 'doing' at the expense of occasionally just 'being'. This feels familiar as I type, I'm sure it's not long ago since I wrote something very similar *scratches head*. Hopefully I'll take heed of my thoughts this time round and start doing a bit of space clearing in the time stakes.


ruth said...

"We've somehow got caught up in a whirlwind of 'doing' at the expense of occasionally just 'being'"

Now you mention it so have we. I think we need some balance back somehow too.

Bridget said...

Sometimes it's hard to slow life down, there have been lots of times when I would like the world to stop so that I can enjoy a moment just a bit longer.