Sunday, 11 May 2008

Snowtubing etc

What a busy weekend we have had! Lots of activity, lots of fun but thankfully lots of laid back pottering too.

Here are some of the high points.

Hermione and Miles joined a friend in celebrating his birthday. Full on fun and jelly all round!

I picked the first of this seasons crops - a radish. Very pink and peppery. That was yesterday. Today I also picked the first of our spinach and chopped it up with some more radishes and wild garlic flowers from the garden. You can't beat home grown!

Hermione and I went snowtubing with a bunch of home ed friends. The weather could have been better. The regulations of the dry ski slope were that we must wear long sleeved tops and gloves - not ideal in the baking mid day sun, particularly not when you have to hike up a steep slope carrying your snowtube after each ride.

It was great fun though. We thoroughly enjoyed it and hope we can do it again some time - preferably when the weather is much cooler.

A friend gave me some Jerusalem artichoke tubers. According to our gardening guide they can grow up to ten feet tall. I'm very excited about them. Miles helped me plant them in the flower borders. I think they would take up too much room in the veg plot. Gradually more and more veg is migrating into the flower borders.

This afternoon Hermione and Nana went to a family get together. They had a great time. My cousin had hired a Spanish restaurant in town for four hours and everyone congregated there to eat, drink and be merry. Crowded places aren't really Miles thing so I stayed home and pottered in the garden with him. Hermione returned in disguise as Miss Muffet.

We went swimming this morning to escape the heat. Both Craig and I were surprised at the progress Hermione is making with her swimming. Another surprise this morning was when she picked up the book I'm currently reading from the side of my bed and started reading it. That's not something she's done before. Her reading is really coming on too. Thankfully it was just an Anastasia book and nothing too odd *grin*.

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Wobblymoo said...

Oh wow, that snowtubing looks fab. I'm trying to make everything I grow be edible, getting there :)