Saturday, 31 May 2008


I mentioned a while ago that I fancied having a maypoling session in the garden. Well, weather permitting it's happening tomorrow.

Quite a few families are coming along to join us in what I hope will be a really fun afternoon. The lady who is providing the maypole and basic tuition is also going to bring her accordion so that we can have live folk music as we skip round the pole!

We have spent a lot of today tidying the garden. I'm hoping there will be plenty of space for the maypole. Weather permitting we'll find out tomorrow!

I'm pondering what to do with the hens. They don't like being in their run as they're not at all used to it, but I have suggested that folks bring picnics and I'm worried that the hens will get after the food! May just have to see how that one goes.

Late afternoon we went for a swim. We had the pool to ourselves for the last half hour which was wonderful. We used to go on a morning but have found now that if we go at the very end of the day session it's very often deserted.


Bridget said...

Oh wish we lived closer that sounds like a fantastic way to spend the afternoon

denise said...

The children were on holiday here so we never attemot swimming then, shame about the maypoling but I'm sure it will happen on a dryer day