Friday, 30 May 2008

Dry run

After seeing some adverts on the tv Nana suggested that her and Hermione go to Amsterdam on the ferry.

She feels it would be an educational experience and fun. Now, don't get me wrong, I think it is fabulous that my kids have such a 'hands on' and enthusiastic Nana, but I have been troubled by visions of the pair of them wandering lost in Amsterdam's red light district. Nana is a lady of many talents but navigation is certainly not one of them. We have lived here for eighteen months now but a few weeks ago she got lost on the drive back from Tescos which is about six miles away!

Anyway, we headed up to Newcastle today as I wanted to buy some particular shades of wool so I decided it would be a good idea to give ferry travel a dry run. We boarded the ferry at North Shields and sailed across the river to South Shields.

Then we came back again.

Miles loved it and sat mesmerised throughout. Hermione wasn't quite as enthused with her new found mode of transport. She became increasingly on edge after hearing the captain announce about everyone having to leave the boat - and assumed he meant there and then in the middle of the river as opposed to when it reached the other side!

Over dinner tonight there were moans and groans of persisting sea sickness. I think the North Sea crossing may be off the agenda for the foreseeable future and in some ways I'm a little relieved.

Since we were up that way we called into Jesmond Dene for an hour or two and Miles saw a live peacock for the first time. He was very impressed. We looked at the other animals, messed by the river, made daisy chains and chased around the terraced garden till Hermione stumbled into a big nettle patch and that changed the mood significantly. She dove straight into my bag knowing she needed some urtica urens but unfortunately I had my child birth kit not first aid kit with me. Doh! Nothing for nettle rash in there. I really don't know why I even hang onto my childbirth kit. Never say never I guess.

On the way home we went through the Tyne Tunnel. So, we went over the Tyne and under the Tyne today. Every year I plan on going to the English Heritage open event at the Tyne Tunnel. I think it would be a great opportunity to see the inside workings of the Tunnel. One of these years I might actually make it.

Nana has just reported that the hens are behaving oddly. Apparently they have become afraid of their Eglu and won't go to bed. I suspect we've had a cat they don't recognise in the garden. Or may be a smaller fury creature actually in the Eglu? Best be off to try to calm them and get them tucked up. Oh the joys!


Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Hope the sea sickness has worn off now and that the chickens were okay.


Claire said...

Hermione seems to have forgotten about her ferry ride and the chickens are fine now.

It was quite odd last night as they just wouldn't go into their eglu. They were all really cautious. I think something must have been sniffing around in there before we got out.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was a frog, glas they got settled and I cn empathise with Hermione for the sea sickness too