Saturday, 24 May 2008

Rockpool ramble

We went on a guided rockpool ramble with friends this afternoon. The ramble was organised by these people and when we arrived we found that we knew the leading ranger from home ed trips to one of our local nature reserves.

Despite bracing winds and the fact that Hermione managed to slip on a rock and land in a pool quite early in the ramble, a good time was still had by all!

I know that the coast is there for us to explore whenever we want but it's nice to do it with an expert on hand ready to answer all of those questions which I would really struggle with. The ranger recommended this book as one of the best identification aids.

After the ramble we sewed felt fishes and Hermione had her face painted. We all had good fun which I'm really pleased about as there doesn't seem to have been as much laughter as I would like round here this week.

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