Friday, 23 May 2008

Potty Train

Well, I'm still tearing my hair out. Clumps not strands today.

Spent the morning trying to get the Potty Song out of my head. Certainly not a good one to be overheard singing in the checkout at Tescos. For those who've not heard the Potty Song you can check it out here. 'When you go you gotta get low....

Spent the afternoon driving twenty five miles through hideous bank holiday traffic, stuck behind every caravan on the road in order to get to the dentist. Hermione and I were booked in for a check up. Miles was going to have his first dental experience too which would most likely be a ride up and down on the chair with mouth firmly closed. Arrived to be told I had come at the wrong time and should have been there an hour and a half ago *arrrghhhhhh*. Turned around and drove twenty five miles home in even worse traffic.

Topped the day off with another evening of IT irritations. Wandering the streets with tray and/or sandwich board looking like an ever more attractive option in my business plan.

Roll on tomorrow!


Mom Unplugged said...

I wish I hadn't watched that clip. "Potty! Hm, hm, potty!" Now I know what I'll be singing all day. Thanks a lot Claire!

Claire said...

So long as I'm not suffering it alone :-)

ruth said...

Oh noo- that clip is now ringing in my ears. Even the teens are singing it from the bedroom cos they overheard it and D is mincing along the landing like the man in the clip. Bummer over the dentist:(