Monday, 12 May 2008

Wood and wool

We went to our local home ed art group again today and all had a good time. The children took turns drawing portraits and then we wove wool round willow sticks to make some very South American looking webs. Once in the rhythm they were very easy to do and very relaxing. We made more at home this afternoon from our big stash of yarns from Freecycle and some old willow that was lying in the garden.

Here is one that Hermione made all by herself.

We decided to hang them on the wall in the garden. It's a high wall which can look quite stark - although much less so now!

As pleased as I am with my willow dome, I've thought for while that it needed something in it. The other day I happened to spot a large part of a tree trunk on waste land not far from us. After a wee bit of persuasion Craig headed off complete with sack barrow to bring it home. After much chopping and sanding I had a seat for my dome.

Complete with a little carving.

I'm thinking of giving it a very light stain and mat varnish to protect it. On the list to do when the sun comes back.


cosmic seed said...

Oh look at your dome!! It's fantastic and I LOVE the seat!

Will email you with the blog info.

Claire said...

Thank you. I'll be popping round soon :-)

Hippy Mama said...

I also love the dome and seat, must do one this year :0)


Claire said...

Amanda, you're back! I hope you and yours are well. Lovely to see you :-)