Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Watercolours, flags, conversation and cuppas etc

Another busy but very enjoyable day today. Friends came to visit this morning and we chatted about how children do and don't learn, (amongst other things), over a lovely cuppa tea. The children played ever so well - ever so quietly in the case of Miles, which should have alerted me to the possibility of all not quite being as it seemed. Most of the felt pen is now off the door. Only traces remain. Any ideas for removing black felt pen from white acrylic paint?

This afternoon we went to visit friends. Again the children all got along ever so well so I was able to indulge in adult chat again. Two adult conversations complete with cups of tea in one day! My apron strings are flapping and I *think* it feels good. I guess this means my babies are growing up, starting to make their own way albeit in very small steps right now.

When at our friends house this afternoon I noticed she had some flags hanging on the wall. Apparently she bought them at Laura Ashley. This reminded me that flags I've made for Miles bedroom are still waiting to be put up. Something else on the 'to do' list. Along with finishing the matching patchwork door hanging for his wardrobe.

Colour explosion by Miles.

Tulips and peacock feather by Hermione.

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Anonymous said...

Love the art work... :0)

I still don't get to chat, apron strings still tied here :0/

Bunting!!! I keep thinking about making some :0)