Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Feeling tempted...

I've been reading about wine making over at Sallygardens. It sounds quite straight forward and I'm tempted, but in all honesty probably shouldn't take on anything else until I've been on the bee keeping course and fully explored that avenue.

Both of the children are not firing on all cylinders right now. Bunged up and bogged down with summer sniffles. We're taking things easy, pottering and chilling. Still doing bits and pieces on the education front. Hermione read half of Harold and the Purple Crayon to me tonight. It's a good book for early readers. Not too many words per page but doesn't have the 'reading book' feel. She is doing ever so well with her reading now. I know I keep labouring this point but I was starting to worry it may never happen.

We picked our first plain lettuce from the garden tonight.

Delicious. Much more tasty than the veggie lasagna we (attempted) to eat with it. I've never been good at making lasagna, but the upside was that everyone tucked into their salad!


Bridget said...

Gosh, you're so much more ahead of us, I only put our lettuce in last week.

Claire said...

Oh, I had these ideas about trying to extend the growing season, and it has worked with some things, but I've also had some big flops. Good job I bought seeds in big bulk packs - it's certainly a case of trial and error!