Saturday, 3 May 2008


I hold this man responsible for the mad droopy gusset syndrome which seems to have swept the young population of late.

I was very excited at the prospect of a rare solo excursion today and took myself off to the hairdressers, where I then spent almost two hours looking at some young hairdressers hairy jaxi. I tried not to look but it was so 'out there' it was hard to miss it. Had his gusset been at his groin and not flapping around a couple of inches above his knees we would have all been saved the sight.

Gok Wan, I hold you responsible! Pull up your pants for goodness sakes! There's a generation out there with a chill on their kidneys and chaffed inner knees!


Lynn said...

LOL, nice start to my sunday morning browsing XXX

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...


Ditto Lynn, a post to bring a smile to your face first thing on a Sunday.


Wobblymoo said...


Bridget said...

Now you'd think with him being a hairdresser it would all be waxed wouldn't you?
Where was this exactly, I might have to go take a look, for investigative reasons only of course!!