Monday, 26 May 2008

Unplugged Project

The theme for the Unplugged Project this week was metal.

We made bird deterrents from old pie cartons.

Ever so simple but I'm hoping they will be effective - not that I want to scare all the bids away, just the ones that keep eating my broad beans!


morningstar said...

We made these in our garden when I was growing up. They work!

Anonymous said...

Very useful project! I have also seen people hang up old CDs to frighten birds. Don't know if it works though. Please let us know and thanks for joining in!

PS: I LOVE broad beans but we can't get them here in the US. Very sad.

Bridget said...

Claire, you are a mine of information. We've got a bird feeding station on our plum tree, didn't think about the veg. It survived last year, so maybe we'll be lucky again. I think our birds stay in the tree and don't go on the ground because of the dogs!

Julie K in Taiwan said...

Very practical!

cosmic seed said...

Is this any use to you re the shop?

Claire said...

That link is very interesting. I think had I found that a few days ago I would have gone with it. As it is I've now enlisted Craig's help and things are thankfully progressing a little :-)

I'm going to bookmark that site though. It's a good idea.

Thank you.