Sunday, 18 May 2008


A couple of weeks ago I managed to persuade Craig to go camping. He was far from keen and we have no equipment. I decided to post on our local home ed list to ask if anyone could let us borrow their camping stuff. Within a few days we were equipped with tent, roll mats, airbeds, sleeping bags and the offer of company!

Yesterday we packed up and set off for Woodhouse Farm camp site in Yorkshire. It was a really pleasant location with what I thought to be good facilities. I didn't make it as far as the pub and restaurant but the men folk seemed to enjoy it when they had a jaunt up.

This was one of the views from our tent.

The children settled really well considering it was their first time camping, leaving lots of time for us to sit outside the tent chatting till it grew pitch black.

I woke this morning feeling rather stiff. We were in a four man tent but I can only think that means four exceptionally slim men who know each other very well. As two adults and two young children we felt quite cramped. Thankfully my aches and pains were soon forgotten as I was lured out of the tent by the smell of veggie sausages sizzling in the pan. They smelled that good that I even forgot that it was the wrong side of 7.00am!

We later packed up and headed off to Newby Hall. I thought the admission price was quite steep but we did have a great time - and certainly didn't see everything that is there.

We played in the big adventure play areas, sandpit and interactive water feature.

We went on the train ride round the gardens and on the pedal boats.

Hermione managed to drag Craig onto the shuggy boats but thankfully for him it wasn't long after that she was befriended by a pleasant young boy her own age and they were inseparable for the following couple of hours. He was a much more willing shuggy boat buddy.

We crossed the suspension bridge rather nervously, watched a mother duck and her ducklings and wandered through a couple of the formal gardens.

By late afternoon we were getting tired and all headed for home. The unpacking can wait till tomorrow *grin*.

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Bridget said...

We love camping, we've gone from a tent to a caravan, we love going to little site, just a field and tap really, it's amazing how much you can do without and still have a great time!